Anna Smith-Spark: Good Books and Broken Knives

I am a passionate reader and writer, and have a PhD. in English Literature to prove it (yeah, yeah, show off...) My dark fantasy novel The Court of Broken Knives is available at www.courtofbrokenknives. My preferences are fantasy, history, bleak existential angst, but I seem to spend most of my time reading children's books.

The Court of Broken Knives

A dark fantasy, filled with loneliness, sorrow and perfect beauty. 'Vivid and clearly realised in its creation of its world, elegantly, even beautifully written. It’s mournfully accepting, but just also celebrating this bright little sad world we live in – since there ain’t no other, for us, nor for these characters.'It also has dragons.

"They strolled down the wide sweep of Sunfall and crossed the Court of the Broken Knife. A single pale light flickered beneath the great statue in the centre of the square, too small in the dark. A woman sat beside it, weeping quietly. It was a place where someone was always weeping. The statue was so old the man it depicted had no name or face, the stone worn by wind and rain to a leprous froth tracing out the ghost of a figure in breastplate and cloak. A king. A soldier. A mage lord. An enemy. Even in the old poems, it had no face and no story and no name. Eyeless, it stared up and outward, seeing things that no man living had ever seen. In its right hand the broken knife pointed downwards, stabbing at empty air. In its left hand it raised something aloft, in triumph or anger or despair. A woman’s head. A helmet. A bunch of flowers. It was impossible to tell."

The Court of Broken Knives



The Court of Broken Knives

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The Tombs of Atuan - Ursula K. Le Guin

It is probably obvious I like this book.

Viriconium (Viriconium, #1-4) - M. John Harrison

The single greatest work of fantasy ever written. No discussion.

Those Above - Daniel Polansky

I will read this as soon as I've finished the other things.... Too many good books....

The Liar's Key - Mark  Lawrence

Absolutely as soon as I finish the absurdly huge tome I'm currently reading....

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